Top Scenic Flight Destinations in New Zealand

Let’s face it, not many countries can boast New Zealand’s diversity when it comes to sensational landscape and dramatic geographical features. The country’s amazing terrain encompasses everything geography has to offer including snowcapped mountains, glacier-carved fiords, placid lakes that stretch out on beautiful beaches, and steaming volcanoes. The list is just endless. As such, New Zealand offers a distinct selection of scenic flights and aviation adventures where tourists can enjoy these breathtaking sceneries from the sky. It doesn’t get more ultimate! Spectacular aerial views from a small plane or a helicopter will give you long-lasting memories of this beautiful country. Here is a list of the top sights that offer the best scenic flights in New Zealand.

Franz Josef Glacier

Get served with a scene like no other when you visit the hospitable town of Franz Josef. Franz Josef Glacier is not only one of the steepest glaciers in New Zealand but also one of the fastest moving glaciers on earth. As such, you will enjoy an incredible aerial view of this shapeshifting icescape as it tumbles down the peaks of the Southern Alps. Additionally, there are plenty of scenic flights to choose from once you reach the destination, which include the Helicopter Line, Glacier Helicopters or the Alpine Adventure Centre.

White Island

A luxurious scenic flight over the active marine volcano of the white island is sure to blow your mind away. You will have the rare chance of getting up close and personal to New Zealand’s most active cone volcano as you fly across the pristine waters of the bay of plenty. Even more interesting, the volcano is always billowing steam, making it a true marvel of nature. You can take your scenic flight from the neighboring coast of Whakatane.

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

If you have a taste for rugged mountains, rolling hillsides, and vast Plains, then flying the skies of the spectacular Aoraki Mt Cook National Park is sure to leave you craving for more. Here, you will be able to see the best New Zealand has to offer, ranging from braided rivers to some of the largest glacier lakes on the planet and even more exclusive scenery. The summit will be wnen you come face to face with New Zealand’s tallest peak, the Aoraki Mt Cook itself. Flights can be found at Mt. cook Airport.


Thinking about an all in one destination? Well, Queensland is a collection of everything you have wanted to see on a holiday trip. Set against the Dramatic southern Alps and the shores of south island’s Lake Wakatipu, this site offers sensational views from a vast wilderness to several unexploited peaks and valleys. You can book your flight with Glacier Southern Lakes or Helicopter Line to enjoy this cascading terrain.

Tongariro National Park

Explore the beautiful volcanoes of the North Island from an angle you’ve never seen before. A scenic flight over Tongariro National Park will take you through a variety of geographical features such as lava fields, lakes and mountain peaks that will make your trip worth the while. Flights can be booked with Taupo’s Float Plane. Visit any of these places and more in New Zealand for a holiday you will always remember.

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